What is the best course of action in response to Iranian pursuit of a nuclear program?

Bruce S. Gelb (Ambassador to Belgium, 1991-1993; United States Information Agency, 1989-1991)


It is obviously, “politically” incorrect to bring politics or religion into conversation at a formal dinner.  It is, “today,” equally incorrect to raise the Huntington issue of a “future clash of civilizations.”  Yet, unfortunately, anyone of a realistic turn of mind knows that regardless of what you may call it, the reality is the Muslim Middle East and its Iranian powder keg makes any forceful action by the United States, NATO or Israel a Judeo-Christian attack on Allah, the Koran and the Muslim culture and its people.

Since the West wants a peaceful world and all the blessings of peace, every economic and financial turn of the screw should be employed–by all who want to avoid a shooting war, i.e., Russia & China as well as the usual Western countries.  If that doesn’t turn off the Iranian nuclear activity, then united force must be deployed.