The Top Three Foreign Policy Reasons to Vote for President Barack Obama

Edward M. Gabriel (Ambassador to Morocco, 1997-2001)


The following are my top three foreign policy reasons to vote for President Barack Obama:

1. The tremendous leadership he displayed in his selection of the vehicle for killing Osama bin Laden. This was a courageous decision and one that I would have advised against, instead opting for drone kill.

2. The Obama Doctrine (Forward Engagement) as defined in Libya, which forces our Arab and European allies to share in the burden, but making sure that U.S. support is the key to success, without putting boots on the ground and “going it alone,” which the American public and most international streets are against.

3. His steady but sure hand in Syria, again forcing the implementation of the Obama Doctrine. Although it seems too slow, it is important to get this one right. If he doesn’t force escalation (i.e. no fly zones/identifying and strengthening the “right” opposition rebels) in the next few months, this policy may be called into question, but for now, it is being perfectly executed.