The United States on Edge

Antonio O. Garza, Jr. (Ambassador to Mexico, 2002-2009)

Cross-posted from the December 19, 2012 post by Ambassador Antonio O. Garza, Jr.


Anxiety about the “fiscal cliff” has not receded, despite signs early in the week of possible movement towards a deal. Though there is a glimmer of hope for a breakthrough, my gut says we’re still a ways from finding a compromise. Late Monday (12/17) indications of a shift in negotiations first emerged and were reported in the leading newspapers, including The Washington Post and The New York Times.  Speaker John Boehner briefed the House GOP Conference on Tuesday, when discussion of a “Plan B” on taxes also first appeared. This is a high-stakes moment for the country, the GOP and the Speaker, whose legacy is likely to hinge on his handling of this issue, as noted in Politico.

This latest round of brinksmanship makes it exceedingly clear we need strong will, effective leadership and, a renewed spirit of bipartisanship to address our nation’s fiscal challenges. I’ve been asked to be part of the leadership of Fix the Debt, which is working to build a broad coalition of organizations concerned about the country’s fiscal future. I invite you to learn more about the issues (you can find a useful list of organizations and documents here) and make your voice heard as well.