Secretary Kerry’s Priorities for Mexico

John A. Gavin (Ambassador to Mexico, 1981-1986)


Secretary of State Kerry’s priorities with regard to Mexico should be the following:

  • Encourage rule of law and continued reorganization of the judicial system
  • Open and reorganize the energy sector. Propose a North American Energy (Energy NAFTA) scheme that will benefit the economies and security of the three participants and be especially useful and profitable to Mexico.
  • Take steps to reduce and, if possible, eliminate monopolies, duopolies and oligopolies that hinder investment (especially direct foreign investment) and the creation and development of local enterprises.
  • Expand the dialogue on immigration policy to include truly effective guest worker programs.
  • Promote exchange programs for education – including University “mini campuses.”
  • Expand USAID programs, such as the mini-loan and women’s education programs that have been so successful, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations.
  • Continue exchanges with the Armed Forces (“Security NAFTA”).
  • Undertake trilateral (U.S., Canada and Mexico) meetings and the development of a trilateral strategy to deal with the overwhelming narcotics problems faced by our societies. This includes admitting that the primordial problem is consumption in the United States.