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Foreign assistance must be part of primary dialogue

January 26, 2016

George Bruno (Ambassador to Belize, 1994-1997) and Dan St. Hilaire 

Cross-posted from the January 17, 2016 opinion column as published in the Concord Monitor.


With the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary just weeks away, our state’s voters have a chance and a responsibility to urge candidates to address a topic that is receiving little attention in the campaign but will make a vast difference in the lives of millions worldwide.

The topic: U.S. foreign assistance, and the use of America’s strength as a global leader to fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease.

This important policy issue is the basis for the ONE Campaign’s newly launched ONE Vote ’16, a national, nonpartisan public affairs campaign to make the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease – particularly in sub-Saharan Africa – a priority in the 2016 presidential election.



An investment worth making

November 1, 2013

Ryan Crocker, Ambassador to Afghanistan (2011-2012), Iraq (2007-2009), Pakistan (2004-2007), Syria (1998-2001), Kuwait (1994-1997) and Lebanon (1990-1993)

Cross-posted from Ambassador Crocker’s November 1, 2013 op-ed in Politico.


As Congress debates the budget this week, looking to trim an additional $24 billion from already tight federal budgets, there is one place that negotiators may want to cut but should not: foreign assistance.

Foreign assistance is well under 1 percent of the total U.S. federal budget, but it is a crucial investment. It bolsters our security and strengthens our reputation abroad. We gain new allies and we improve the lives of countless people around the world. It is far less costly in lives and dollars than military intervention. Congress must not cut it.